1. Unloveable

From the recording Unloveable

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Unlovable © John S.Gouveia

Is it just because I tried to love you?
Or just because I wouldn’t lie?
Is it for the faith I have in heaven?
That I’m unlovable

Is it just because I don’t love money
Or all the foolish things that people do
Is it cause I walk the straight and narrow
That I’m unlovable
Do you really love the night
Where there’s no wrong or no right
And you think it’s going well…. but
it’s hell
Are you looking for someone
Who will never see the Son
And when the storm comes they’re
gone, and you’re alone

Is it just because I tried to tell you
About the way the truth and the life
About the light that shines forever
That I’m unlovable
Am I… Am I…
Am I unlovable?
Instrumental. Chorus and last verse.