JG Songwriter - All songs written, performed, and copyrighted by JG-John S. Gouveia

I am primarily a songwriter. My songs are catchy and have a message that connects the listener with the Word. Over the last few years I have written five great songs that I just released April 2021. Hopefully, some will be picked up by major recording artists. I have been writing and performing music for over 20 years. I play guitar and piano. My first published CD was a children's CD that received great reviews from Billboard, and still plays on children's channels today.  ‎Kids Are Great! by Johnny on Apple Music,  available on iTunes. https://music.apple.com/us/album/kids-are-great/99025429

These five new songs have an awesome positive message for todays challenging times and reference Scripture -  reminding us that faith, hope and the love of God thrive today like never before, and we all need to re-connect to the Good News daily.  The new songs are also on YouTube and most all music streaming sites. Please search by John Gouveia and song title.  Contact: johngmp3@yahoo.com

I am also a veteran of the USAF.

Summary of new songs:

The Hour: A lot of crazy things going on in the world today as we see the rise of autocrat dictators and the loss of our individual freedoms. The autocrats are masters of deception , Isaiah 5:20. In the end, God wins. In the mean time, dangerous times ahead.  We are already seeing some people bowing to false idols and autocratic political systems, I'm sure we will see more of this in the future. We believers only bow to God, not to any human or other idol and this song resonates that truth.

Psalm 2:  Why do the nations rage?  They play God, try to be God, act like God is dead, and that they are perfect and rule the world. They should know they will all be judged by God one day, their corruption and lawlessness is short lived. 

Unloveable:  A lot of people today are being called deplorable or unloveable due to their belief in God and obedience to God's law and civil law. Why?  People calling us unloveable have no faith, no hope and no love for God and God's laws. They mock people of faith as they cling to that idol that they feel will give them purpose; but they always end up in despair.  

You are Love: This is a song of prayer to God, confessing our faith in God and who we are and our purpose - lifting His name up in praise, forever.

 Psalm 18:1-3  David had a personal relationship with God and learned to ask God for help and thanked God constantly.  We should call out to God, be thankful and sing, rejoice and praise God too - because God protects and delivers us! 

Previous songs:

Hannah Jane - a father singing about what a wonderful gift from God his beautiful baby daughter is to his life.  

Divided Heart – going from relationship to relationship with no deep commitment in life can fragment the heart so no real lasting relationship is possible.

Don’t Let the World – don’t let the world define who you are, just listen to the music - the music in your heart.

This is Your World - an expression in tough times for help, love and strength - to grow in love and faith in ones journey.