1. The Hour

From the recording The Hour

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The Hour © John S.Gouveia

This world can be dark sometimes, the light can be hard to find
Hearts of men are growing cold, they try to erase your soul
All things holy, all things good, are now misunderstood
The Word of God is now outlawed, an idol of a man the law
Oh, heavenly Father, this is the hour
You told us long ago, dangerous times would come
I hear your words oh Lord, I will obey you Lord
I won’t bow down, to the idols of man, I won’t bow down

Gone is history we once knew, old glory and liberty too.
Indoctrination to the Party line, everyone’s monitored online
I can hear the children cry, as the state tells them a lie -
God is dead, technology saves, the state will control you from cradle to grave


Bridge: Lord Your Word sets us free, from the chains of tyranny
Born again, to shine Your light, with the love of Jesus Christ

And I won’t bow down, to the idols of man (2X)
I won’t bow down.