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I am a songwriter selling my songs to popular artists. My songs are catchy and have a message that connects with the listener. Over the last few years I have written fifteen great songs that I'm releasing this year.  Genres range from rock, pop. blues, Latin pop, country and good news messages - these are the first three of the fifteen. Hopefully, some will be picked up by major recording artists. I have been writing and performing music for over 20 years. I play guitar and piano. My first published CD was a children's CD that received great reviews from Billboard, and still plays on children's channels today.
I will post my new songs to this site as they are finished in the studio.   Some are in demo version with four tracks, while some are have eight or more tracks.

These are the first three of fifteen songs that will be posted to this site. Songs range from rock, pop, blues, Latin-pop, etc. Most songs have a message, while some are lighthearted love songs. Song themes:

Divided Heart – going from relationship to relationship with no deep commitment in life can fragment the heart so no real lasting relationship is possible.

Don’t Let the World – don’t let the world define who you are, just listen to the music - the music in your heart.

This is Your World - an expression in tough times for help, love and strength - to grow in love and faith in ones journey.

Hannah Jane - a father singing about what a wonderful gift from God his beautiful baby daughter is to his life. 

I am also a dad. And have been a widow for several years.